you better not believe her.

okay so my friend introduced me to the music from 13 the musical.

holy crap does it describe high school.

take a look:

if you just listen to the lyrics, “everything charlotte says is a lie, you better not believe her.”
^pretty much about spreading rumors and how quickly they get around.

its kinda awesome how someone recognizes this and realizes its ridiculousness ( <—not a word, im aware).

if you’re lucky enough to be different, never change.

special occasions.

idk why, but i just hate special occasions. everyone acts fake, esp. my mom. she’ll be yelling at you one second and then be like “hey!” to someone as she turns around.

i hate fake people if you cant tell, and yes everyone has a fake side to them (no denying it), but some are just overly fake.

and all these people make me sort of nervous. like not really, cause im pretty outgoing, but i just hate talking about myself to people im not close with. idk, i feel like they really dont care or something.

with me theres like, 2 sides to me. i can be with a ton of people when i want to be. but if its just one of those days where you want to be alone, then you want to be alone. like, when im onstage, i feel like people are there who care and want to see you. unlike occasions like christmas where 85 different people open presents, why would they care about you opening your one gift? idk. i seem pessimistic, but its something i really believe.

uh oh. i forgot about this for a little bit. day fouuur: introduce your favorite movies

yeah sorry, but i’ve been traveling.. like cross-country for the past month, no joke. soo heres my fave movies.

  • The Parent Trap: it is my all-time favorite. it took me about 6 years to realize Lindsay Lohan wasn’t a twin either, and to be honest, it kinda ruined it a bit for me when i found that out. I can recite pretty much every line to it, and on top of that, i know that beats to the music that’s played there.. so I can sing you that too. I can’t watch it with people because they get annoyed when I try to finish the sentences and things people say. Yeah, I’m annoying like that. Sorry.
  • 21: It’s about college kids from MIT whose professor takes them to Vegas on the weekends to count cards and make TONS of money.I think it’s such a cool idea for a movie.
  • Valentine’s Day: Even though this came out on like, Valentine’s Day (haha shocker), but I just saw it the other day. I LOVE IT. I love the bajillions of story lines and Taylor Lautner’s in it. ‘NUFF SAID. He’s just such a good actor hehhe (; I have a bit of an obsession with him.
  • The Hangover: CLASSIC. Just a hysterical movie. If you haven’t seen it, you need to come out from that rock you’ve been living under for like the past 2 years and see it.. all the cool kids are doing it (: heheh.

I love watching movies. Except scary ones. I can watch them with a big group of people, depending on what it is. Sooo those are some pretty quality films. Oh, and I love Freaky Friday. And the Lion King.

  • LEGALLY BLONDE!!: sorry, forgot this one! Both of them! So cute<3 I think Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress of all time. I love how she is so girly and can be serious at the same moment. SUCH GOOD MOVIES(:

day three: introduce people you admire

so the people I admire in my life have really made an impact on me in some way or another.

  • one: Taylor Swift. Now I know this probably sounds typical, but I swear she like, knows me or something. Every song she has made, I can pick out one specific line that directly relates to my life in one way. Also, I went to her concert, and she commanded that stage like I have never seen one person do before. She talks to you like you’re the only one in the room and she reveals her true insecurities which are no different than any other girl at her age. I feel like she takes the definition of: write what you know to a whole other level. There’s those people who are scared of what people might criticize you on or what the person in which the song is about is going to say, but she doesn’t. It amazes me how she’s not done one single bad thing. For example, she could be out partying like other teenager celebrities gone wrong. Instead, she admits to love learning how to knit, bundling up in covers by the fire and writing songs. It’s endearing to me how she can be herself no matter how much things and people around her change.

  • two: Men & Women in the Army. Honestly, they have got to be one of the most courageous group of people I know. Especially those who enlist on their own will. I could never do that, and people who can risk their lives and leave their families (esp. over holidays, birthdays, etc.) and may never see them again, have that type of drive and determination I wish I had.
  • three: Justin Bieber. Taylor Lautner. Channing Tatum. Liam Hemsworth. Nick Jonas. ‘Nuff said. It’s not that I really admire them… I just needed to put them in there.
  • four: Teachers. Like good, legitimate, non-b.s-ing teachers. One’s who are truly enthusiastic about their job, love their job, and treat their students like individuals. I hate those teachers who don’t respect their students, treat them all like their one heard of people, and just don’t give a crap about their job. So seriously, I don’t want to be in school as much as you do, clearly, so just leave. All of our lives would be soo much more eventful if I didn’t spend it with you. Sorry, harsh I know. But oh well.

So that’s the people I admire. There’s probably a lot more, I just can’t think of them right now because I have Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, and Tom on the brain. Sorry. Back to reading.

"Forever means nothing in this world today. I&#8217;m on a mission to change that."

"Forever means nothing in this world today. I’m on a mission to change that."

be happy. cause you never know who may just be falling in love with your smile.

day two: introduce your favorite people.

…well day three is introduce the people you admire. And i figure my favorite people right now are the people I admire, too. So I’m just going to wait until tomorrow to really introduce those people.


jour un: introduce yourself.

Read my info box. I kinda already did.

If you didn’t notice, I babble a lot. Especially when I’m nervous. I don’t really know what a happy medium is ‘cause I either babble out of control or am completely silent when I’m nervous. Which has been a lot lately.

I hate awkwardness. Most likely because I have a tendency to make things just a bit awkward. It depends on the situation, but I believe with that one special person awkwardness is cute and be overcome in like.. minutes.

Also, I love summer. And that transition into fall. Like, bonfires. They have got to be in my top 5 things I love. Roasting marshmallows. Or marshs, as I enjoy calling them(:

So I like to think I’m a pretty complex person. It might not be true. But don’t tell me if it is, cause I like to believe I am.

I think everyone should live fearlessly. And love fearlessly. And be fearless. Cause so many more things can be accomplished like this. Just look at all the people in the world who never cared what people thought, never were the coolest girl in the room, and were always the underdog. I love when the underdog comes out on top. 

See what I mean, this was supposed to be about me. It’s not. Babbling once again. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed this loves (; 

introduce yoself.

20 Day Introducing Challenge

day 1 introduce you, yourself

day 2 introduce your favorite people

day 3 introduce people you admire

day 4 introduce your favorite movies

day 5 introduce your favorite tv shows

day 6 introduce your favorite books

day 7 introduce your favorite colors

day 8 introduce your greatest memory

day 9 introduce your favorite stores

day 10 introuce your obssesions

day 11 introduce your basic days

day 12 introduce the stuff you love

day 13 introduce the stuff you hate 

day 14 introduce your room

day 15 introduce your fear

day 16 introduce your favorite songs
day 17 introduce your favorite animals

day 18 introduce your goals
day 19 introduce what you really want right now
day 20 introduce what your going to do next